Our Program

We purpose to be a Christ-center ministry where children learn how every subject is designed by our creator. Our goal is to use a variety of methods to reach individual learning styles. We also purpose to provide the curriculum to adapt to the mobile life styles U of N families. As an international Christian program, we also effort to offer a platform where distant learning is a viable option for missionary families who are serving in remote areas.


1. We value the Word of God:
We practice this value through regular Bible study and taking time to listen to His voice daily.

2. We value Relationship:

  • We value our relationship with God: the foundation of this relationship is set on knowing Him personally. (Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength. Mark 12:30)
  • We value Family relations: We recognize that family is an institution God has set forth from the beginning of creation. We encourage togetherness of family members and the inclusiveness of families within our ministry.
  • We value community: God has created us to belong to a community because it is a place where our faith is worked out. We make God known to our communities. Communities include but not limited to: our LCCY community, YWAM Kona community, Kona community, YWAM/UofN at large, and the nations. Secondly, as we exist in a community, we recognize some elements important to a healthy community as prescribed in Colossians 3:12 – 25.

3. We value the individual:
We recognize the talents and callings of each individual and want to partner with God in fostering the growth of every individual through intentional discipleship. We also celebrate the differences in the individuals and we put to practice preferring one another and valuing the differences through Mark 12:31 “love your neighbors as yourself”.

4. We value diversity:
We recognize that God has created the nations and His character and nature is shown in every nation. We celebrate the expression of God in different cultures as a God given gift to humanity. However, we do not hold any particular culture or a nation above God’s Kingdom. When different cultures come together, we seek to celebrate our heritage but we effort to build God’s Kingdom together by putting the best pieces of the cultures together.